The Environmental Effects of Cluster Galaxy Sub-Populations

Hello Astrogeeks, Well, here I am with an actual new post for you to have a good gaze at. Well, I am currently sat down with a tea in hand writing this after spending all day working. So, my first full dive for 2019 will be on a topic quite close to my heart at […]

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I Am Still Alive… Just

Was the last year or so a distant dream? Was the last blog post on this very website a mere figment of one’s imagination? Will I… Oh, you’re back again?!  Hello again Astrogeeks who happen to wander in onto this fairly derelict place. As you may be able to tell, I am shaking the place […]

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Brushing off the Cobwebs…

The once green fields have been stripped of their will to live. After many months of being denied of their need of quenching, they will be saved by being awo…*thud*…*thud*… HE IS BACK!… Hellooo fellow Astrogeeks, Why yes, it has been a very long while since I last graced you all with a blog post. I […]

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Organising The Unorganised; The Difficulties In Preparing For Enrolment (MPhil Adventures)

Hello fellow astrogeeks, Well, what a weird few weeks it has been since accepting my degree, aside from that  usually being a joyous celebratory occasion, it was somewhat quickly followed by annoyances, phone calls and (unbelievably slow) emails. Oh dear, have you accidentally invented something spectacular and top secret with all the world’s governments after […]

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ALMA Resolves Atomic Carbon

  Hello fellow astrogeeks, We have some very exciting news, despite the recent Labour dispute at ALMA (Atacama Large millimetre/sub-millimetre Array), the data that has been obtained thus far presents the first high resolution resolvement of Carbon atoms around the planetary nebular NGC 6302; the 500GHz frequency band where the line emission peak of atomic Carbon lies had […]

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