Petition to the Open University for a Masters in Astrophysics/Astronomy

Robert_Hook_building_at_Open_University_Campus_in_Milton_Keynes,_spring_2013_(2) Hello fellow Astrogeeks and enthusiasts,

Sorry to bombard you with politics, but this is politics of the Sciencey, Physicisy kind, the Open University (the very University I study Astronomy at) teaches Astronomy and Physics to an undergraduate level, as well as this it has a lot of PhD research projects in Astronomy itself, despite the support the University gives to Astronomy, it is surprising and somewhat a sad shame that there is no postgraduate level Masters scheme.

Why is the Open University special in particular?

Well, it’s solely a part-time distance learning institution, that is every undergraduate and postgraduate (minus full-time PhD students) student studies from home, via the internet with a wealth of academic support from tutors and materials. It helps those who have family/money/health problems and can’t attend University full-time, and a distance learning postgraduate qualification in Astrophysics/Astronomy is something we should be crying out for. So I believe quite passionately in this.

How on earth could you do a practical project from a distance?

Well, it’s a lot easier with astronomy, the OU has a robotic telescope in Majorca called PIRATE, not only that but it has a planned robotic radio telescope in the works too.

Where do I sign for this megaly awesome idea?

Sign right here of course 🙂

And if you can sign and pass on the link to genuinely interested people that’d be beyond brilliantly amazing from all of you shining stars, please leave a comment as well as to why you think it’s a good idea :-).

Speak to you soon Astrogeeks and thanks again for reading,

The ObsAstro

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