I Am Still Alive… Just

Was the last year or so a distant dream? Was the last blog post on this very website a mere figment of one’s imagination? Will I… Oh, you’re back again?! 

Hello again Astrogeeks who happen to wander in onto this fairly derelict place. As you may be able to tell, I am shaking the place up a little bit on this website. I hope to bring to you with more consistent updated over the coming weekends of this year, and not only that, to streamline the browsing experience so it’s easier to find things. Considering the overwhelming number of categories I had dotted around previously, it feels awesome to have a bit of a tidy-up and get rid of the clutter.

Oooh, okay. Well, I will wait and see if you will live up to your promise of updating this page. So, what sort of things shall we expect from now on in you updating your blog website?

I will not deny, it will be a tough ask, but I can honour it this time. Planning is key, and those that will undertake the management of any project will soon realise how much that is needed.

Anyway, aside from the actual commitment to updating the page, I am now going to spread my wings a little as I flap out the chaff. So, this website will now host my professional portfolio and academic related information. However, this will be alongside blog posts on Astronomy suitable for any Amateur with some helpful tips and introductory articles on different aspects of the science; Pieces on the latest astronomy news and scientific articles that interest myself; Reporting and/or opinions on the latest happenings within the professional astronomical community.

So, all-in-all, there should be a little bit of something for everyone else, as well as professionally,  for myself.

Does this mean less content for those not in astronomy professionally?

Nope, not at all my plan. The ‘professional’ side is more of me airing and reporting into the vacuum, hopefully, this will lead onto others within the community enjoying what I will write. Like I said, it’s mostly for myself and as I find writing about these sorts of things within astronomy cathartic, why not? A little bit of astro science and a little bit of human-related astro happenings.

So, that is it for now… But, be prepared for awesome things to pop up very soon!


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