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My name is Lawrence Bilton and I’m an observational astronomer currently studying towards a PhD in Astronomy. I am accomplishing this with the E.A. Milne Centre for Astrophysics at the University of Hull under the supervision of Dr Kevin Pimbblet. My aim in this blog is to help spread the latest astro science by reviewing articles/papers; comment on the latest happenings within the community; providing any hints, tips and any general Astronomy stuff (i.e. telescopes) to bombard your cones with (Unless the PhD gets in the way of me updating).

This blog will also be used to showcase some of my own published works as well as work in prep (i.e. an academic C.V.). For which, if you have any questions about any of my professional/published works then feel free to fire an email to my university email address: l.bilton-2016@hull.ac.uk

If there are any suggestions, help, advice etc. Then please provide some feedback on what you’d like me to add/improve :-).

Happy stargazing my fellow Astrogeeks,

The ObsAstro



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  1. How the observational astronomers measure the moment of vernal equinox?
    Is there a standard method for measuring the time of vernal equinox?

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