Poor ALMA is all alone

Salutations fellow Astrogeeks, Sad news this week as it comes to our attention that ALMA (Atacama Large Millimetre/sub-millimetre Array) is now closed for business for the unforeseeable future, this comes from a recent labour dispute with the observatory workers performing strike action; this is the problem when Science and politics collide, no matter how big […]


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Life of an Astronomy Student

Hello to all of you astrogeeks, Well, this is me (above), despite not being a pretty sight it’s still me and I’d not change me for anyone. Why? Because I so happen to study and love a subject close to my heart, of course it’s Astronomy, not only the observing side but the physics too, […]

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Petition to the Open University for a Masters in Astrophysics/Astronomy

 Hello fellow Astrogeeks and enthusiasts, Sorry to bombard you with politics, but this is politics of the Sciencey, Physicisy kind, the Open University (the very University I study Astronomy at) teaches Astronomy and Physics to an undergraduate level, as well as this it has a lot of PhD research projects in Astronomy itself, despite the support […]

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When Astronomy makes you feel small!

Well, I’ve been procrastinating in bed, trying to sleep, trying to take mind off some puzzling q’ns that arise within cosmology mainly. Mainly to the determined cosmologists insisting the existence of dark matter, to me it’s merely inferred from a rather abstract idea. What if the galaxy rotation curves for example are the product of […]

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