Degree Ceremony and Packing! (Delayed post from a couple of months ago)

Hello fellow Astrogeeks!

Well, a couple of weeks ago I finally hit the stage and had my degree presented (albeit incorrectly) to members of the Open University Senate and Council whom are officially and legally responsible for giving me my Degree and letters, despite the hiccups it was brilliant to spend the day with my parents, brothers and grandmother. At the moment, I have been spending more time packing, finishing work and meeting family members than getting any actual reading done :-(, but such is life and I can’t wait until I’m in an environment where I hopefully focus my skills into producing a decent Thesis.

Ooh, any pictures?

Yep :-), he’s one of me on the stage:

Me Collecting a Tube









What were these little hiccups that you had mentioned?

Well, kind of funny really; my name and degree award were not in the ‘directory of graduates’ but that was most likely my fault of messing around with my degree acceptance, and the other hiccup was on stage where my presentation card was printed incorrectly and therefore it was announced I had two degrees. You can find the part of the ceremony where this happens here, excuse me while I go and hide!

Funny video, so I take it you’re packing?

Yes! Lots of packing as I’m leaving in a few days (30th of September to be precise), I shall be moving most of my things down with me to keep myself sane, but it is quite a scary departure from something I’ve grown comfortable with, and soon I’ll be thrown into ‘Lion’s Den’; the deep end. I shall pack up my car and drive on down to register/enrol formally onto my research degree, before finally getting my flat keys and meeting up with my flatmate. It’s very exciting, but also daunting, and not just because of moving but also the work I’ll eventually have to grow to accustom to.

What should you be afraid of starting work that you’re enthusiastic about?

Well, tough question to answer really as it’s rather subjective, and I myself am always fearing not knowing something when I should know something, or even trying to explain something I do know a lot about to someone who is a greater professional than myself. Of course though, I’m still excited, excited to work alongside with some of the most talented people in the field of Astronomy. So, I shall definitely try my up-most to do myself proud as well as those I’ll be working with and to learn to not be afraid in asking questions, no matter how simple they might apparently seem. I mean, after all, we’re at the very frontiers and boundaries of our current knowledge and the purpose of the Scientific method is to find out, and sort out, what’s right from what’s wrong. Even if you’re forced to accept a null hypothesis, it’s still worthy, as it tells others not waste time and think/do the same again, it helps our knowledge and understanding to grow and progress.

Anyway  Astrogeeks, I’ll keep you posted on my M.Phil progress as much as I possibly can.

Catch you later,


P.S. Sorry for the late posting of this one, clearly it was meant to go out many moons ago, but alas the computing gods preventing its submission. Expect a new post very soon :-).


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